• Provide support to Colgate-Palmolive "Aroma Sense" ad campaign
  • Present the "Aroma Sense" line of shower gels to the media, bloggers, and celebrities
  • Increase the number of positive mentions of Colgate-Palmolive in the media
  • Associate the new Colgate-Palmolive product line of shower gels with art and artsy lifestyle
  • Organization of two invitation-only art events titled "Choose your mood" for key reporters, bloggers and celebrities
  • 220 posts on social media, including celebrities' accounts
  • 2 reports on the radio · 189 stories in popular lifestyle media
  • Overall project reach was over 140 mln.

In 2017, Colgate-Palmolive introduced its new line of shower gels "Aroma Sense". Altezza was tasked with organization of two events for bloggers, media, actors, directors, musicians, TV hosts, and designers to highlight the launch of the new product.

First event was presented as an art-class with Nikas Safronov, popular Russian artist. We proposed our guests to draw a thematic paintings under the guidance of the master. Nikas encouraged the participants, helped them to improve and provided insights on their drawings. When the paintings were ready, a famous aroma-therapist Tatyana Patratskaya gave a presentation on the effect of various aromas on positive mood and well-being. At the end of the presentation the new artists were able to easily select suitable flavors to their drawings picturing different moods.

The second event took the form of an art-dinner during which we presented "Aroma Sense" line. Specifically for the event we engaged celebrities such as Russian musician Anton Lavrentiev, famous director Valeria Guy Germanika, well-known choreographer Adam and a popular singer Yulianna Karaulova who painted their drawings inspired by the "Aroma Sense" line products beforehand and presented them to the guests. To make the art-dinner even more memorable we showed a special capsule collection of evening dresses by Alena Akhmadullina also inspired by the new line of Palmolive products.

Among the art-dinner guest were key reporters from glossy media, popular bloggers and celebrities including Alexander Anatolievich, Andrey Bartenov, Artem Korolev, Darya Moroz, Alexander Rogov, Maria Cigal, Irina Otmal, Margarita Mitrofanova, Alisa Grebenchikova, Anna Michailovskaya, Anna Tsukanova-Kott and other.