• Positioning of MIG-35 Fighter on the threshold of start of global sales
  • Conduct media relations campaign as part of leading international aviation forums
  • Launch international press office in 24/7 format
  • Organize several press tours and other media events

  • Over 5000 stories in the Russian media
  • Over 1500 stories in the international media
  • Campaign received high praise from top Russian Government officials
  • MiG-35 was named as "most anticipated aircraft of the year" by most Russian media outlets
  • MiG-35 became the top mentioned Russian fighter during LAAD-2017 (Brasil), LIMA-2017 (Malaysia), SIAE-2017 (France), MAKS-2017 (Russia) and Dubai Airshow-2017 (UAE) air shows

The world premiere of MiG-35 took place in January 2017. Altezza was tasked to ensure global coverage of the event and the further promotional campaign of the fighter on potential markets. MiG-35 promotion became the most ambitious marketing campaign in the recent history of aircraft industry. To guarantee maximum transparency and narration consistency we decided to avoid publication of any advertorials. Instead we developed a database of key journalists which included over 500 reporters covering aviation, technology, business and defense issues and established regular information exchange. Our team organized several events for media within the framework of major aircraft exhibitions of the year such as LAAD-2017(Brazil), LIMA-2017(Malaysia), SIAE-2017(France), MAKS-2017(2017), and Dubai Airshow-2017(UAE).

Our pro-active approach and growing credibility among the media resulted in positive stories about the jet MiG-35 in such major publications as Forbes, Bloomberg, Reuters, IHS Jane's, Defense Update, BBC, Aviation Week, and Flight Global. Additionally, articles about the fighter jet appeared in all major media outlets of the most prospective countries in South America and South-East Asia. The global promotion efforts also included Russian media, which actively supported MiG-35 as the main 2017 novelty of the combat aviation industry.