• Position RTS-tender as the leading procurement platform for public purchases
  • Underline the expertise of RTS-tender for the Russian media
  • Differentiate RTS-tender from competing platforms
  • Inform the TA about the unique services of RTS-tender
  • Press office 24/7
  • Formulation of four main information streams of news about RTS-tender
  • Ongoing generation of news base on the selected information streams
  • Press releases development and distribution (not less than 6 releases per month)
  • Positioning the top managers of RTS-tender as market expert for the media
  • Initiating interviews of RTS-tender representatives with leading business publications
  • Media relations support of RTS-tender at various industry-related events
  • PR support of RTS-tender subsidiaries
  • Generated an average of 50 stories on RTS-tender per month in top Russian business media
  • 3-fold growth in the number of articles in federal media
  • RTS-tender became the most quoted marketplace among 6 competing platforms in Russia
  • Overall campaign reach was over 200 million people

RTS-tender, one of the most fast-growing public procurement online platforms for purchases under Federal Laws 44-FZ and 223-FZ approached Altezza with a request for information support of the explosive growth of its business. At that moment information about RTS-tender available in the Russian media was unorganized and sporadic. The company had not been singled out in any way and was often simply mentioned as one of the competing platforms.

We decided to showcase the expertise of the key managers of RTS-tender to generate and maintain media interest to the company. After a thorough analysis of RTS-tender activities Altezza began initiating and pitching various news hooks and newsbreaks to the media on a weekly basis. Within three months RTS-tender became the leading news generator in the industry and maintained top Russian public procurement platform in terms of the number of generated media stories in federal and regional publications. RTS-tender media coverage index for 6 months of collaboration with Altezza in 2017 surpassed the similar figures for the entire 2016.