• To establish and maintain positive image of CIAN
  • To increase brand loyalty
  • To ensure regular and visible brand presence in the media landscape
  • To position CIAN as the most comprehensive platform of verified real estate listings in Russia
  • To confirm the position of CIAN as a leading news provider among the competitors
  • To engage business and specialized publications in Russia

  • To engage federal and regional publications, including specialized real estate industry publications, general, business and marketing media outlets, information agencies
  • To develop comprehensive media database, establish working relationship with key journalists and maintain regular communication channels
  • To develop a system of thematic company news generation
  • To develop an integrated system of generation of CIAN analytical reports for all Russian regions and provide copywriting of these reports
  • To develop and distribute monthly analytical reports to federal and regional publications
  • To initiate exclusive stories in key business and marketing media
  • To position CIAN spokespersons as industry experts and generate regular appearance of their comments in Russian media

    • 6149 media stories with the mention of CIAN in 2016, over 7200 stories in 2017
    • Average of 400 articles citing CIAN are published in the top Russian publications such as RBC, Kommersant, Vedomosti including regular appearance of exclusive stories
    • 98% of published articles were of positive or neutral tonality

    We have been collaborating with CIAN since 2015. Our initial global task was to promote the launch of the new company web site and guarantee its visible coverage by Russian and St.-Petersburg media. Our team assessed the high expert potential of the project and developed an unusual format of press materials which allowed us to establish effective communication with key federal media outlets. By the end of the first year CIAN became the top news provider surpassing its closest competitor by 20%.

    During the following two years, CIAN has continued its active expansion into the regions. A growing regional coverage required intensification of PR-activities so that the brand awareness could correspondingly increase. We have dedicated significant resources to expand the brand's media pool and conduct complex market studies of the Russian real estate market. By the end of 2017, the annual number of generated media stories dedicated to CIAN has tripled as compared with 2015.

    We can now proudly call CIAN the largest database of verified housing listings in Russia. CIAN's data and company experts are regularly quoted by both the leading Russian publications and average users. CIAN itself has transformed from a resource dedicated specifically for realtors and agencies into an advanced, reliable and user-friendly seller-to-buyer client service.