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goals and solutions
The team's main objective was to confirm the company's position among the top three key players in Moscow development market. "Leader-Invest" took the second position among developers by the volume of realized residential real estate in Moscow in 2018.

We launched the campaign during a unique period for the history of the brand and the construction industry which marked the transition of developers to the new system of project financing. This influenced both the tasks and the communication strategy.

The first peculiarity of this developer's business is connected not only with the large volumes of construction, but also with the diversified portfolio of projects. The agency had to conduct parallel promotion of residential complexes in three price segments. The second peculiarity is a record-breaking rate of construction and sale of the objects. Given the intensity of the newsworthiness, it was necessary to keep the focus on the quality of the completed properties. The third peculiarity of the campaign is keeping the focus on the development strategy of the company as a whole. Regular reputational publications linked the modernization of the structure to the general strategy of the company's development.
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