• Increase the awareness of the Bahamas Islands in Russia
  • Increase the attractiveness of the Bahamas Island as a travel destination for Russian tourists
  • Underline competitive advantages of the Bahamas compared to other tourist destinations in B2B and B2C segments

  • Establish the representative office of the Bahamas Tourist Board in Russia
  • Organize road shows, FAM trips, events
  • Participate in the industry exhibitions and events. Partner with Russian tourist agencies. Impement campaigns for the specific clients
  • Establish and maintain publics in social media (Facebook, Vkontakte)
  • Conduct media relations campaign. Organize press events, press trips, special projects, and initiate stories and interviews

  • Increase of Russian toursts inflow to the Bahamas in 2017 was 15%
  • Organization of an average of 200 meetings with travel companies per year
  • Articles in top Russian and Ukrainian media publications: Conde Nast Traveller, Tatler, Vogue, Discovery and etc.
  • Total reach of "Heads and Tails. The Paradise on the Bahamas" TV show was over 50 mln. people
  • Total reach of "The Bahamian Pick" online contest was over 2.5 mln. people
  • Number of active subscribers of the Russian-language Facebook page of the Bahamas Islands exceeds 5,000
  • Successful 8 years of representation of the Bahamas in Russia

In 2009, the Bahamas simplified visa regime for the Russian citizens. Since that time Altezza has been promoting the Paradise islands in Russia. We work in two areas: trade marketing and PR.

Our team actively cooperates with travel agencies and tour operators educating them about the benefits of Bahamas and providing guidelines for their interaction with Russian tourists. As such we created such helpful tools as fact-sheets and catalogues about the Bahamas in Russian for the travel agencies and general public. We also conduct regular road shows and FAM trips, organize events, participate in such specialized exhibitions as Luxury Travel Mart and RuDive.

Together with key Russian travel journalists we create a "dream" about the Bahamas Islands. Leading top editions like Vogue, Tatler, Conde Nast Traveller, Narional Geographic etc as well as travel bloggers participate in our press events and press trips. Potential travelers receive information about the Bahamas from various printed stories and broadcasts. Altezza also manages Facebook and Instagram accounts of the Bahamas Islands which Russian toursts find very helpful.

In 2017 we implemented a special project with a popular "Heads and Tails" TV show titled "The Paradise on the Bahamas». Over 50 million Russian speakers watched the show. Additionally we conducted special online contest «The Bahamian Pick» in support of the new Condor flight that was launched to Bahamas in 2017. The reach of the contest was over 2.5 mln. users in social media. The winners of the contest traveled to Bahamas in January 2018. The total number of Russian tourists travelling to the Bahamas has been steadily growing at 15-20% rate annualy within the eight years of cooperation between the Bahamas Tourist Board and Altezza.